Steam locomotive Leiden

Steam locomotive Leiden

Planning on visiting the steam locomotive railway museum? It’s the perfect place to see, feel and smell what things used to be like in the old days. You buy your old fashioned ticket in the railway station and then you’re free to look at antique steam and diesel locomotives to your heart’s content. In the museum itself, you discover how the steam engine works and what part it once played in Dutch history.

Lake of Valkenburg by steam train

The highlight of the trip is a 30 minute ride by steam train around the lake of Valkenburg. Lined up along the platform is a 100 year old steam locomotive with antique wooden carriages in tow. The conductor blows his whistle, the engineer throws some more coal on the fire and when the driver pulls the appropriate lever, you’re off on a cloud of steam. It’s a true ‘slow train’ that many grandparents will remember fondly from their youth.


On days the railway museum is opened, the train leaves each hour from 11.00 till 16.00. Furthermore, each there are multiple special events. You can view the exact timetable and the event agenda on the railway musuem’s website.

Tip: throwing a party at Brasserie Buitenhuis? Hop aboard the train with your family and friends. We can arrange a ride for a maximum of 100 people. Catering is available once on board. An unforgettable activity for a wedding, birthday party or wedding anniversary.

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Want to know more about Leiden’s steam locomotive and Brasserie Buitenhuis? They’re perfectly suited for a combined visit. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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